Meet the Owner


Hey, ya'll! I'm Kira, a wife, mommy, caregiver, personal chef, three-time business owner, the list goes on! Some of you may know me from Wildegalz Boutique, the original home of Merci Jésus. We made the executive decision to separate the two because it was time and Merci Jésus needed its own place.

I was in a dark place when I decided to start my business but in spite of the circumstances, it's the faith that kept me grounded and with a sound mind. Merci Jesus is not something I came up with lightly, Jesus is literally what brought me out of that dark place. In that moment of disparity and uncertainty, He remained constant. That was my “Thank You, Jesus moment.” I encourage each of you to find yours, too!

You will find that each shirt in our store (FAVOR, Show Some Grace, God Will, etc.) has its own testimony attached or some form of biblical reference.

We hope you love them as much as we do!